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Woomargama NP access post 2020 bushfires

PostPosted: Sun 20 Sep, 2020 7:12 pm
by Mullaitivu_83
I plan to do a walk in the western half of this National Park. I have read that access to the eastern half has now been restricted due to damage caused by the January 2020 bushfires.

So, I have a question: in view Of restrictions on movement in the eastern half of this park, is it possible to enter or exit this park at the point where the Murphys Trail meets the part boundary ?

This point appears to be midway between the Western and eastern boundaries of this park, nonetheless is it still permissible to a enter or Exit at this point.

I would be grateful for any local knowledge on this question. Thanks

Re: Woomargama NP access post 2020 bushfires

PostPosted: Thu 24 Sep, 2020 9:33 pm
by Mark F
Perhaps the first step would be to contact the relevant npws office.

Re: Woomargama NP access post 2020 bushfires

PostPosted: Sun 25 Oct, 2020 9:16 am
by Mullaitivu_83
Thanks Mark F for your suggestion.

I contacted the local NPWS office and the local shire council: Greater Hume Shire Council. The answer to my question is as follows: Murphys Road starts on Jingellic Road Wantagong about 16km East from Holbrook. It is a Public road for four kilometres. At this point it becomes a private road across private property. It continues for about another five kilometres before reaching the northern boundary of the Woomargama NP. At this point there is a locked gate. It then becomes “Murphys trail” and continues For five kilometres to its end, at the intersection with Tin Mines Road. This intersection is about five kilometres West of the Tin Mines campsite.

I hope that’s clear.

John F