Ridge between myrtle and basket creek bullio

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Ridge between myrtle and basket creek bullio

Postby nattaihighlander » Sat 10 Apr, 2021 8:04 pm

After Easter I trekked down to the wollondilly with a mate. We headed down the bullio trig station road passed the first gate and attempted to circumnavigate the first big hill. Big mistake! Should've kept to the track. After an hour and a bit we made it down a ridge to the junction of basket creek and the wollondilly River. Water flowing down the creek and very high in the river. Fording was decided against due to current and depth. We wandered downstream to just near paling flat the came back and camped on basket creek about 500m from the river.
The next day we headed up the ridge between the two creeks and followed what looked like an Aboriginal trail up the ridges. Beautiful big box trees and stunning scenery. Lots of pig and dingo tracks.
We cut across to the bullio trig station road and back to where we started.
A very nice walk. Lots of insects around and bird life. Good to see the animals recovering from the drought and fire.
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