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Tinderry Twin

PostPosted: Tue 12 Apr, 2022 11:30 am
by bushnut
Hi Everyone

With so many tracks closed/damaged and the perpetual rain, myself and some friends decided to tackle Tindery Twin last weekend (9th April). We chose this because of the relative isolation and the promise of decent weather.

We started the day from the Mt Allen Trail off Burra Rd at about 7:30am. Although I am not always a fan of fire trail walking, it did make for easier conversation. Its a bit of slog up but we eventually made it to the turn off on the West Tinderry Firetrail. From here it is essentially a bush bash towards the summit. Progress was very slow (more on this later) and wet under foot. Once we reached the granite boulders the weather set in - so much for the good forecast. Although we were clear on the route up, the wet rocks covered in lichen meant we had to accept not being able to reach the summit despite only being 100m away. Visibility was probably 75m so weren't missing any views!

After lunch in the rain, we started our descent. However this time we found the pink markers and following them down resulted in a much quicker trip back to the West Tinderry Firetrail. Interestingly, the markers disappeared (or at least we couldnt find them) the last few hundred meters or so before the trail. This is probably the reason why we didnt find them on the way up. For those interested in this route (and it is recommended for sure), I would spend time finding the markers before making the ascent. They seem to start a few hundred meters from the firetrail turn off (sorry I didn't put down waypoint so can't be more specific than that.)

It's a knee jarring descent back to Burra Rd but at least the weather cleared enough to appreciate the majesty of the area.

Highly recommended in good, dry weather. We will attempt again and aim to do the full traverse.

Happy walking.

Re: Tinderry Twin

PostPosted: Tue 12 Apr, 2022 4:21 pm
by sandym
Thanks for the report. Always interested in an area I have not been yet.