Cape Bowling Green overnighter

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Cape Bowling Green overnighter

Postby bigkev » Fri 22 Jul, 2022 5:53 pm

I was lucky enough recently to spend 6 weeks up in North Queensland and in between the regular once in a hundred years rainfall events I managed to get in a bit of walking. I've been looking at walking Cape Bowling Green for many years however I've never actually been able to get it all together on my fairly infrequent trips up to the deep north - this time I finally got it all together.

Over the two days I walked around 40 kilometres, mostly on fairly firm sand however there were also a few sections of mangroves to negotiate. I camped beneath some casuarinas near the Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse on a sandy shelf on a soft bed of casuarina needles - which was a bonus as I'd accidently left my sleeping mat behind! Once I'd left Alva there were no facilities at all on this stroll. There is a surprising amount of wildlife out on the cape and being in Saltwater Crocodile country I was fairly cautious in the mangrove sections.

I really enjoyed this walk, I'd spent a lot of time in the rainforest as I'd journeyed down from Cooktown so the wide open expanses of the cape under a sunny blue sky was a bit of a change on this trip. I've written up a bit of a trip report on my blog if anyone is interested in checking out this slightly off the radar type of walk - you certainly won't be over run with crowds on this one.

Here's day 1 https://goinferalonedayatatime.blogspot ... house.html

And here's day 2 https://goinferalonedayatatime.blogspot ... -alva.html

Sunrise on day 2.
In between the mangroves the walking was fairly easy
Walking the mangroves was...interesting!
The mangrove mud was probably the slipperiest mud that I've ever come across.
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