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Black Range to Jenolan

Postby Teddy01 » Thu 14 Mar, 2024 9:01 pm

With Jenolan Caves closing in April for road upgrade. Will you be able to still walk from Black Range to Jenolan?
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Re: Black Range to Jenolan

Postby johnw » Thu 21 Mar, 2024 9:26 am

Teddy01 wrote:With Jenolan Caves closing in April for road upgrade. Will you be able to still walk from Black Range to Jenolan?

I think the short answer is yes, if that's the only part you want to walk. See the information below taken from
If walking the whole track it seems that won't be possible for the Katoomba to Alum Creek section for the dates listed in April.
For such a popular walking route I don't know why this information seems to be hidden away and not easily accessible.

"No public transport from Jenolan Caves - see below.

Critical safety closure between Katoomba to Alum Creek 8-12th April 2024. The Six Foot Track will be closed between Katoomba (Explorer's Tree) and Alum Creek, from 8 April to 12 April 2024 for aerial pest management.

The Bowtell’s Swing Bridge (over Cox's River) is currently closed for safety upgrade works until July 2024. Signage is in place to advise visitors that the bridge is closed, and barriers are installed to physically prevent access to the bridge. The alternate crossing over Cox’s River is open, however it is advised that attempts to cross are at your own risk and should only be attempted by experienced bushwalkers only. There are no dry crossing options available (i.e. visitors will get wet). Visitors who are considering crossing the river need to consider the significant risk of serious injury or death that could occur from such events as slips, falls or drowning, whether the river is in flood or not. Check weather conditions prior to your planned visit, be aware of the remoteness of the site and refer to NPWS River Safety information page for tips.An indication of the likelihood of being able to cross Cox’s River at the time of your visit can be found at via river gauge readings online and via apps. As a general guide, a reading of 0.75m at the COXS @ ISLAND HILL gauge may allow for visitors to cross at knee height at its lowest point.River gauge readings for the Six Foot Track Crossing of at Cox’s River can be found:
on the Bureau of Meteorology Website on the ‘Latest River Heights for Coxs R at Island Hill’ page at ... .plt.shtml (Can be viewed in graph or table format)
on RiverApp ( by searching Cox’s River and selecting the ‘At Island Hill’ gauge. Make sure to select height in metres on the bottom right (rather than metres per second as is automatically displayed) to check the height graph.

River gauge readings for the Six Foot Track Crossing of at Cox’s River can be found:

New Map kits are now available.

Aggressive Dogs. A number of walkers are reported some unrestrained aggressive dogs roaming on Glen Chee Rd near Cox River. The dogs have been reported to council animal control but in the meantime be mindful and if you see any dog's behaviour that you consider dangerous over the Christmas / New Year period, please report it to the police (in an Emergency 000 or Police Assistance Line 131 444 or at Learn more about managing dog attacks.

Monitor Fire Danger. Sections of the Six Foot Track covered by a Total Fire Ban are closed whilst the ban is in place. Official forecasts and declarations can be found on the RFS website. The Six Foot Track covers two different Fire Danger areas. If a total fire ban is declared in just one area, it only affects that part of the walk.
From Katoomba to Coxs River is fully inside the 'Greater Sydney Region' fire danger area.
From the Coxs River to Jenolan Caves is in the 'Central Ranges' fire danger area.
The Explorer’s Tree (Katoomba) to Megalong Road is open (after it was closed due to multiple landslips in March 2022 in Nellies Glen). The track through Nellies Glen has been cleared of debris and is now passable. The landslip has not been removed; please ensure you stay on the formed track, do not enter the landslide area. Keep moving through the landslip area, do not stop. If you see fresh rock fall events or see other issues on track please notify Crown Lands on 1300 886 235.
Megalong Road to Black Range is open. The Black Range Road is open to cars following repair by the council in April 2023; 4WD vehicles are recommended. Be aware of vehicle traffic when walking.
Black Range Campsite to Jenolan Caves is open - be aware of road access issues.
There’s no public transport to or from Jenolan Caves. If you plan to finish this walk at Jenolan, please arrange your own transport.
Access to Jenolan is via Edith Road (2-Mile Road) only. This road is only suitable for vehicles smaller than a 12-seat minibus.
A minibus shuttle service can be arranged between Jenolan and the pick-up point for larger buses. The shuttle takes you to Kanangra Walls Road turnoff where you can meet your pre-arranged transport. Bookings can be made at Jenolan Caves House reception. Contact the Jenolan Caves office before you hike on 1300 76 33 11 to confirm cost and availability.
Access to Jenolan Cottages is unchanged.
John W

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