Six Foot Track in Two days, staying at the Eco Lodge

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Six Foot Track in Two days, staying at the Eco Lodge

Postby Glenn_Sacha » Mon 07 Mar, 2016 9:03 am

The three of us thoroughly enjoyed the two-day hike from Jenolan Caves to the Explorers’ Tree at Katoomba.

Long hike on Saturday, but we made an early start and, because we were heading towards Katoomba, we walked down the massive hill in the middle, instead of up it.

Stayed overnight at the Eco Lodge, which was very comfortable, friendly and pleasant. We swam in the Coxs River and relished the bed and three meals provided by the lodge.

We walked out on Sunday morning. The last ascent was steep, but only took an hour or so.

Walking with lighter packs and without overnight gear made the distance quite manageable. Providing you can walk the distance and attend to the basics (water/weather/shoes), this would be a great way to be introduced to overnight hiking. But wear those shoes in first.

Ten out of ten! Definitely doing it again.
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