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Chatting about the Six Foot Track
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Two Days - staying at Eco Lodge?

Fri 19 Apr, 2019 8:45 am

Hi, planning on doing the walk overnight from J to K, staying at the Eco Lodge. Opinion on time it will take for 2 fit walkers (not young though :)) for the 28 kms to the Eco Lodge?
Also, given we will need very early start on Day 1, :D which looks to be well before any shuttle bus operates any other suggestions to get to Jenolan Caves as planning on leaving car at Katoomba. Thank you!

Re: Two Days - staying at Eco Lodge?

Sat 20 Apr, 2019 6:35 am

Normally I would expect a pace of around 3km/hr (averaged with stops) with a full pack. If you load is light then you may do a bit better. The track lends itself to relatively fast walking pace so 4km/hr is quite possible for fit people. You start on a climb for 10km but then there are rolling hills which tend more down before the big down to Little River. Another climb not long after that and you are again on some good downhill to camp. Seven hours would be my guess for best case.

Caves house has some cheaper accommodation available I believe. Used it a few times but that was a while ago. Bunk beds, shared bathroom and kitchen. No linen charge if you use your sleeping bag. You could get the bus out the day before and stay over. Otherwise you do not have many options apart from walking it there and back or a taxi.

Re: Two Days - staying at Eco Lodge?

Sat 20 Apr, 2019 7:54 pm

Thank you! That's very helpful...

Re: Two Days - staying at Eco Lodge?

Mon 22 Apr, 2019 1:34 pm

I just did the 6ft track. 3 middle aged guys. We hiked between 4 and 5km an hour going Jenolan Caves to Katoomba. Great trip.

The eco lodge looks like a fun backpackers, but we camped. Certainly was a good spot for a mid hike beer.
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