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6FT in the rain

PostPosted: Tue 29 Dec, 2020 5:12 pm
by Casscass
We are meant to be doing the hike this weekend and it's looking like we will be hiking in the rain. Wondering if anyone has some tips for completing it successfully?

Also what is the leech situation like in this region? Was hoping for nice sunny, dry weather!

Re: 6FT in the rain

PostPosted: Wed 30 Dec, 2020 5:04 am
by Turfa
A rainy summer weekend is a great time to do the 6 Foot track ! There will be fewer people out and it won't be too hot. Just make sure you keep all your important gear dry (sleeping bag etc,). Put them in heavy duty garbage bags, and use another bag as a pack liner. It can also be useful to have the capability to strap your wet tent to the outside of your pack rather than have to put it inside with your dry gear.

Leeches are not really an issue as most of the track is so open. I would usually only expect to encounter leeches at Nellies Glen at the start/end of the track.

Re: 6FT in the rain

PostPosted: Wed 30 Dec, 2020 9:30 am
by Casscass
Ohh great, feeling better about the rain now. Thanks for the tips for keeping things dry, will definitely be packing some extra bags now!

Relieved to know the leeches shouldn't be too bad. Love hiking but have a deep fear of the things, it's a shame as the two go hand in hand :s