Results of survey on "The Bushwalker" magazine

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Results of survey on "The Bushwalker" magazine

Postby bushwalkingnsw » Thu 08 May, 2014 10:18 pm

In the second half of last year, Bushwalking NSW ran an online survey to find out what readers thought of "The Bushwalker", and also of Bushwalking NSW.

Well it has taken some time, but at last all the analysis has been done. Thank you for your patience. A summary of the results is enclosed with this message.

Bushwalking NSW will be reviewing the survey results and taking action on many of the issues raised.

A few points did arise that you could help with:

1. There were a number of comments about the types and quality of articles in The Bushwalker. The editor can only publish what is offered to him, so if you would like to see different types of articles, think about writing some yourself, or encouraging talented friends to do so.

2. On the subject of Bushwalking NSW, there were a number of complaints about things promised some time ago that had not been done yet. Bushwalking NSW relies on (a small number) of volunteers for most of its operations, and many of these volunteers have been devoting time to Bushwalking NSW for many years. Sometimes it is hard to get enthusiastic all over again

Offers of help are always welcome. This does not necessarily mean attending meetings, and is not a long term commitment, but if you have skills or knowledge in some area that you think would help, please contact us. Or if you know someone who could help, let us know. (Please ask if you are not sure what needs to be done.)

3. If you worry about throwing away paper copies of The Bushwalker after you have read it, or if your club has copies left over, do something useful with them. Give them to an outdoors shop in your area, or to a library or tourist office so that other people can have the pleasure of reading them.

Bushwalking NSW would welcome any feedback on the survey or its results.

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