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Salomon Quest Prime GTX Boots

PostPosted: Sun 04 Jul, 2021 7:19 pm
by Hughmac
Purchased these recently as I was due for a new pair of boots, and planning to do Green Gully in Oxley Wild Rivers NP. Needed to buy half a size larger than my usual shoe size. I have an EE foot, and these shoes fitted my foot like a glove. I wore them to work twice before putting them to the test with a couple of 20km walks including 400m ascents/descents. Had a sore second toe on one foot, and a sore spot on the bony joint halfway along the outside of the other foot after the first walk. Both of these were apparent, but much less so after the second walk. Had no hot spots or blisters after either walk. Have now completed Green Gully which is 65km over 4 days, with around 1,000m descent on day 2, and a similar ascent on day 4. Carried a 20kg pack (inc half my wife's gear), and the boots were faultless - no blisters or bruised toes. The grip on them also proved excellent. I really am thoroughly impressed, and would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a good pair of hiking boots. I would certainly be happy to buy another pair when I wear them out, assuming they still exist. RRP is supposed to be around $300.00, but I paid $209.00, which seems to be the going rate for them. The only thing I would note is that the laces have a propensity to come undone unless they are double knotted - not a big deal, but annoying when it happens.