Waterproof over mittens UK Surplus shells

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Waterproof over mittens UK Surplus shells

Postby Moondog55 » Wed 29 May, 2024 10:43 am

I hate having cold hands but even more I hate having cold wet soggy gloves. I was using OR Mt Baker shells but those are no longer available
I may have found a cheaper solution for my own needs and it may suit some of you as well.
I have ordered a set of British army MVP over mittens and they arrived yesterday.
The Brits have changed camouflage patterns and much of the old gear is now surplus.
The MVP is a Goretex analogue and these shells are a single layer of fabric with silicon grip dots on the palm and inner thumb, and a quite simple design with no anatomical curve but some shaping on the thumb section.
I ordered a Large set and I was worried that they would be on the small side as I usually wear Large to Extra Large gloves.
These fit over my XL OR HighCamp trigger finger gloves, over my old school XL Kombi gloves and over my home made mitten liners.
The fit is larger than the OR Latitude shell but smaller than the OR Mt Baker shell. I'd not wear them high up on Everest or Denali tho
They cost less than $10- by a cent and the postage cost double that but for $30- they will do
They were here within a fortnite but tracking didn't work once they left the UK

British Army New Genuine Outer D.P.M Goretex Waterproof Mittens/Gloves
Here we have a pair of quality made British army MVP over-mittens. MVP is the British Army equivalent of Gore-Tex (Moisture vapour permeability). These would have been used during wet weather encounters and exercises, providing waterproof protection to the user's mittens. A textured palm area...
www.genuinearmysurplus.co.uk www.genuinearmysurplus.co.uk
They didn't have my size locally or in NZ
https://www.armyandoutdoors.com.au/prod ... er-mittens I got mine via the evil auction site so I could use PayPal

Preliminary post
An in-use review after winter will naturally follow
Ve are too soon old und too late schmart
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