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Postby Mitchc » Tue 17 Jun, 2014 4:47 pm

While this is not exactly a hiking related post (hope to do a day trip or two) I do require some help from people if they have been there before.

I am going to Mexico for 16days in July with my girlfriend to visit her family. I will be in Monterrey (Mexico, NOT CA) and Cancun, my question is about the quality of the water, and if it's safe to drink. I found online that it is not recommended to drink the water or use it to brush your teeth etc However, my girlfriend just laughed when I mentioned that.... :?:

I don't want to look like a twat in front of her family treating water with a steripen or just use bottled water, but I would rather not fall violently ill ruining the trip either.

Anyone who's been and can give some first hand knowledge would be awesome! :D
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Re: Mexico!

Postby macka17 » Fri 29 Aug, 2014 12:29 am

You posted this on my Birthday (73rd)

We're retired and travel O'Seas from Q'Land Aust for a coupla months every yr.
This Sep't.
US and Canada (family).
Mexico City. Ruins and Can coon. Then Peru. Machu Pichu etc. Santiago. Chili. then N.Z for a week on way back.

Point being. we travel a reasonable amount. into 1st and third world country's.

Apart from street food stalls I will Madam won't.

The ONE standing rule is. If your water isn't coming from a container that YOU............... broke the seal on. or you have a mobile filter\tablets.
It's a big No NO.

We sent on a day trip on a Faluka? coupla yrs ago in Egypt.
"I" had a fish out of river Nile for lunch. Madam had Chicken sangers packed by hotel.

"Eye of a needle" had nothing on me the following coupla days. (Delhi Belly)

If it ain't sealed when you get it. Wash your hands and feet with it. NOT your innards.

You want to get to our age. Take note mate.
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