Dularcha NP Eastern Circuit
8.6 km circuit
2 h to 4 h
Dularcha NP Eastern Circuit
8.6 km

2 h to 4 h


1 h to 2 h

Starting from the corner/intersection of Beech Road and Cunningham Avenue, Landsborough, this walk takes you on a circuit in the diverse woodland of Dularcha National Park, going through a historic railway tunnel along the way. Also known as the North Coast Line No 1 : Mooloolah Tunnel, this heritage-listed tunnel is home to large-footed bats and blue/purple moths. Besides the historic tunnel, expect an adventurous hike through the mixed forest that will push you at times. The tracks are well-shaded and provide you glimpses of the surrounding area between the trees. You’ll be sharing the tracks with mountain bikers and horse riders, so keep an ear out at all times. Try to schedule the journey on a dry week as it can get quite muddy and slippery after some rain. Keep quiet and avoid using your flashlight etc. whilst in the tunnel to not disturb the wildlife inside. The signposts along the track can be misleading, therefore a printed map or a gps device is recommended. Hiking poles may come in handy for steep parts as well. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.



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