Piper Comanche Plane Wreck
6 km return
2 h 15 min to 3 h 15 min
Piper Comanche Plane Wreck
6 km

2 h 15 min to 3 h 15 min

Starting from Mount Glorious Road, Mount Glorious, this walk takes you to the historic Piper Comanche Plane Wreck and back, exploring the woodlands of D’Aguilar National Park along the way. The Piper Comanche crashed on 2 March 1977, around 400 metres below the summit.The pilot(supposedly named Paul Pavletich) was a colour-blind 57 year old man. He wanted to go home so badly that he asked for landing clearance again and again, and finally was given one. It’s believed that he didn’t see the higher terrain due to clouds and crashed into a tree. May he rest in peace. There is also an old log winch on your way to the plane wreck, if you’re interested. Harmonious birdsong will accompany you throughout the journey, and you can spot some Rufous Fantails and bowerbirds in the area. The track gets muddy and slippery in wet conditions, and leeches tend to come out from the mud. Cover yourself well and try to schedule the walk when it’s been dry for a few days. Also, watch out for spiky vines along the track. Look out for pink ribbons on trees for guidance. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.



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