Passage Peak Track

45 min to 1 h 15 min

3.9 km

↑ 305 m
↓ -305 m

Moderate track
Starting from the end of Resort Drive, Whitsundays, this walk takes you to the Passage Peak and back via a well-marked track, exploring the bushland of Hamilton Island along the way. This straightforward track is going to lead you to perhaps the best lookout you have ever been at. Get ready to observe the whole ocean around as you try to take in the 360 degree view. You can see almost every inlet and beach from this point of view, and the sunrise is truly spectacular. Start your day right and maybe enjoy a coffee as mother nature wakes up. Savor the views and feel the oceanic breeze on your face, then head back down the steep stairs. Speaking of, the last 200 metres may be a bit demanding but it’s totally worth it. You can book a flight from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns to get to the island, or take a ferry from Shute Harbour. You can use your private vessel as well. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.
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Safer Bushwalks
Tips on staying safe on track
Before you start any bushwalk ensure you;
• Tell someone you trust where you are going and what to do if you are overdue
• Have adequate equipment, supplies, skills & knowledge for the whole journey
• Consider the impact of weather forecasts, park/track closures & fire dangers
• Can respond to emergencies & call for help at any point
• Are healthy and fit enough for this journey
If not, change plans and stay safe. It is okay to delay and ask people for help.
Getting There
Transport options and directions
Start (-20.3482927,148.9615097)
Mode Ferry Special (You can book a flight from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns to get to the island as well.)
Track Notes
Turn by turn instructions & maps
Getting started
From the end of Resort Drive, head along the wide dirt trail as you move away from the island. Follow the trail as it veers left, then keep right at the fork to continue along Passage Peak Track.....
Turn map Directions & comments
After another 210 m continue straight.
Keep right.
After another 800 m pass the picnic table (6 m on your right).
After another 6 m veer left.
After another 60 m continue straight.
After another 200 m continue straight.
After another 130 m turn right.
After another 265 m continue straight.
After another 220 m come to the summit.
Turn left.
After another 45 m come to "Passage Peak".
Turn around here and retrace the main route for 1.9 km to get back to the start.
Know the Hills, grading & facilities

Passage Peak Track

Class 3/6
Moderate track
Length 3.9 km
Time 45 min to 1 h 15 min
Quality of track Clear and well formed track or trail (2/6)
Gradient Short steep hills (3/6)
Signage Clearly signposted (2/6)
Infrastructure Generally useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats) (2/6)
Experience Required No experience required (2/6)
Weather Weather generally has little impact on safety (2/6)
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