Twin Creeks Reserve Ridge
Darramuragal Country

30 min to 45 min
10 min to 20 min
45 min to 1 h 30 min

1.6 km

↑ 37 m
↓ -37 m

Easy track
Starting from Mitchell Crescent, Wahroonga, this walk leads past a fenced playground and follows a wide management trail along the main ridge through Twin Creeks Reserve. The trail leads through a forest of Scribbly Gums and tall Angophora to Howson Oval. You will find parking and toilets at Howson Oval. You could finish this walk at Howson Oval if you get picked up at the far end, but for most people it would be a nicer return walk - turning around at the gate at Howson Oval. Perfect walk with kids, for parents with a three-wheel pram, for less agile people or for people in wheelchairs wanting to try a challenging track. Let us begin by acknowledging the Darramuragal people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present. 
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Safer Bushwalks
Tips on staying safe on track
Before you start any bushwalk ensure you;
• Tell someone you trust where you are going and what to do if you are overdue
• Have adequate equipment, supplies, skills & knowledge for the whole journey
• Consider the impact of weather forecasts, park/track closures & fire dangers
• Can respond to emergencies & call for help at any point
• Are healthy and fit enough for this journey
If not, change plans and stay safe. It is okay to delay and ask people for help.
Getting There
Transport options and directions
Start (-33.7378702,151.1151415)
Mode Car
DirectionsFrom Fox Valley Road
  • Turn on to Roland Avenue then drive for 790 m
  • Turn left onto Monteith Street and drive for another 380 m
  • Turn right onto Finlay Road and drive for another 255 m
Track Notes
Turn by turn instructions & maps
Getting started
From Mitchell Crescent, Wahroonga (between no. 14 & 20) this walk starts near the 'Twin Creeks Reserve' sign by following the concrete footpath into the reserve for about 70m. The path first leads between the timber bollards to come beside the fenced playground with drinking fountain and seats. Here the walk continues over the open and flat grassy field for another 50m then continues along the main wide management trail, past the 'Leash your Dog Beyond this Point' sign through the scribbly gum forest.....
Turn map Directions & comments
After 65 m pass the water tap (5 m on your left).

Then pass the "Mitchell Crescent Reserve Playground" (on your left).

After another 15 m pass a seat (5 m on your right). This wooden seat is 1.8 m long, 50 cm tall, 40 cm wide, has no armrest and has a backrest.

After another 90 m pass a seat (15 m on your right). This wooden seat is 1.8 m long, 50 cm tall, 40 cm wide, has no armrest and has a backrest.

After another 70 m continue straight.
After another 80 m continue straight.
After another 160 m continue straight.
After another 20 m head down the very steep (21% ~ 11.9°) incline (about 30 m long)

After another 25 m continue straight.
After another 75 m continue straight.
After another 20 m head up the very steep (32% ~ 17.7°) incline (about 40 m long)

After another 60 m pass the car park (25 m on your right).

The starting point of an alternate access track. Alternate access to the main car park at Howson Oval, avoiding the gate following a steep incline on an asphalt path. Details below.
After another 10 m continue straight.
Then head through/around the gate.
There is a 35cm gap between edge of gate and a boulder to get around gate. The gate is 1.05m high.

Continue another 15 m to find the end. Then turn around here and retrace the main route for 780 m to get back to the start.

Alternate access to the main car park at Howson Oval, avoiding the gate following a steep incline on an asphalt path.
Turn map Directions & comments
Then head up the extremely steep (43% ~ 23.3°) asphalt incline (about 5 m long)

After another 5 m turn right.
After another 30 m come to a seat.
This seat is under an awning providing limited shelter from sun and rain.
This wooden seat is 1.8 m long, 60 cm tall, 50 cm wide, has no armrest and has a backrest.

A toilet.
Toilet access information. Outside toilet doors are heavy inwards opening 70cm wide (handle 1m high), hand basin 85cm high, tap push button operated, cubicle door 50cm wide, Toilet seat 52cm high.

Mo-Su,PH 06:00-22:00
This toilet is male, female and equipped with a hand-washing basin.

The end.
Know the Hills, grading & facilities

Twin Creeks Reserve Ridge

Class 2/6
Easy track
Length 1.6 km
Time 30 min to 45 min
Quality of track Clear and well formed track or trail (2/6)
Gradient Gentle hills with occasional steps (2/6)
Signage Clearly signposted (2/6)
Infrastructure Generally useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats) (1/6)
Experience Required No experience required (1/6)
Weather Weather generally has little impact on safety (1/6)

Naturally Accessible
Slope summary:
The majority of the walk is mostly flat with three main significant slopes. The first 500m is flat, then there is a 30m downhill section with a max steepness of 21%( ~ 12°) which is very steep for wheelchair users. After flattening out there is then a 30m uphill section with a max steepness of 32% ( ~ 17.7°). If taking the alternate exit (to avoid the narrow gate exit), there is a 5m asphalt ramp that is 43% (~ 23.3°) uphill (extremely steep for someone in a wheelchair). To access the toilets, car park and oval at the far end requires either passing up this ramp or passing the gate (35cm gap). As this a return walk, these sections need to be repeated. Turn around whenever you feel is best.

Surface summary:
The majority of this walk follows a rough (rocky) management trail (locked dirt road). The first ~80m is on a smooth flat concrete path, 1.2m wide. The next ~50m is across a flat open mown grassy field. The rest of the walk follows a wide rocky management trail along the ridge, the trail is firm and has minimal cross slope. The steep sections are the roughest with some shallow eroded gullies. For agile people using a wheelchair, assistance is likely needed in places.

Some facilities on route
Toilet: There is one 760 m (plus an extra 70 m along side route) from the start.

Seat: There are 3 on route, on average they are 420 m apart with the largest gap of 860 m.

Order of key facilities on route
ItemFrom StartName & link to notes
80 m[seat]
165 m[seat]
760 m + 70 m[seat]
760 m + 70 m[toilet]
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