Mt Whitfield: Red, Blue, Green Arrow
6 km oneway
1 h 45 min to 2 h 30 min
Mt Whitfield: Red, Blue, Green Arrow
6 km

1 h 45 min to 2 h 30 min

45 min to 1 h 30 min

Starting from the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre, Edge Hill, this walk takes you to Bel Air Drive in Whitfield via the Red, Blue and Green Arrow tracks, visiting Mount Whitfield along the way. Located in the city of Cairns, you won’t need to drive too far to get away from urban life. You’ll be walking along three different tracks, each providing a different set of views and features. The red circuit is quite popular as it is short and simple, therefore most people tend to stay on it rather than do the longer ones. The hinterland and the ocean is all yours to see, but the track also lets you get good views of the airplanes taking off and landing to Cairns Airport. You’ll also be able to run this track if you’re up for a good workout as the canopy gives you some decent cover from the sun. Take a bus from the western end to get back to the start if you’d like to. A moderate level of fitness is recommended. Bring plenty of water and insect repellent. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.



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