Booyong(Tree Top) Walk
930 m circuit
20 min to 45 min
Booyong(Tree Top) Walk
930 m

20 min to 45 min

Starting from Lamington National Park Road, O’Reilly, this circuit walk takes you up next to the rainforest canopy via a boardwalk consisting of 9 suspension bridges, standing 15 metres above the ground. Be prepared to embark on a small journey on the world’s first treetop walk, built by Peter O’Reilly and Peter Main along with the help of GMNHA(Green Mountains Natural Historic Association) in 1987. There are more than 160 bird species along with other wildlife residing in the lush rainforests of Lamington, and this track will let you observe them like you’ve never done before. Eastern whipbirds, catbirds and Australian logrunners will be sitting next to the boardwalk, along with heaps of rosellas. Informative signposts along the way won’t let you miss out on the interesting flora as well. There is also a ladder midway through the walk, where the adventurous can climb up and come to another deck that is an astounding 30 metres above ground. The experience is completely free, but if you want to help out with managing the track you can drop a few coins in the donation box at the end. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.



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