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Bushwalk.com is a public forum and wiki. The information you read here must be regarded only as the opinions of the people who made those comments, not as reliable facts, nor as the opinions of Bushwalk.com. Nobody at Bushwalk.com - not the people who post information, nor any of the site administrators or moderators - can be or will be held responsible for actions anyone may take as a result of reading this information.

Each person must accept full responsibility for their own actions when using information from these forums and the associated wiki. It is the responsibility of each person to do their own research to validate any information they may consider using from the Bushwalk.com site.

For example: If you read some track notes on Bushwalk.com then decide to use that information on a bushwalk, only to become lost because the post included incorrect or insufficient details, do not blame anybody at Bushwalk.com. You are the one that got lost. There are things you need to know before you go walking. One of them is how to navigate. Another is your own limits. There are many more things you need to know, not least of which is how to use your gear.

At the end of the day, we as a group are happy to make public the information provided here, but that's just what it is - 'information'. Whether it is accurate or whether it suits your needs or whether you decide to follow or accept that information is entirely up to you.

Posted Copyright Material

Editors, please read the message about wiki licensing and copyright material (contents available under..) that appears at the bottom of every edit window. It is your responsibility to ensure you do not breach copyright when posting information to this wiki or the forums. It is also your responsibility to correctly site authored works and copyright material whenever you referred to these works. This includes source web pages and pictures on the web. When you edit a page in the wiki you agree to release your contribution into the public domain under the same licensing agreement. If you don't want this or can't do this because of license restrictions, please don't edit.

Please read the "Attribution", "Noncommercial" and "No Derivative Works" conditions in licensing guidelines. You can use the information on the wiki for non-commercial reasons, without alteration, but you must acknowledge Bushwalk.com as your source (but not in any way that suggests that Bushwalk.com endorse you or your use of the work).

Bushwalk.com does not accept any responsibility for copyright items posted by users of the forums or the wiki, because this is a public website. Anyone who posts copyright items must take full responsibility for any legal action incurred as a result. The rules are simple - if you have any doubts about the copyright status of your information, then don't post it.

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