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Preston Falls

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Brief Facts

25K Map: 4242 Castra
Latitude: -41.28905°
Longitude: 146.06355°
Stream: Preston Creek
Forum: Preston & Delaney Falls


As you turn into Raymond Rd the sign says "Waterfall 1". It is a reference to the distance to the car park, not a comment on the number of waterfalls in Preston Crk. There are in fact three sets of falls in Preston Creek.

The first set of falls are just on the corner as you enter Raymond Rd from the Preston end. There is an old track into these falls, but it looks to have been closed long ago. The local authorities have erected signs telling visitor of the dangers presented by slippery rocks and exposed cliffs. The track leading to the base of the falls once boasted treated pine steps and railings, but much of the wood work is falling apart now. The track is slippery and a little perilous and the falls are not easy to reach. These falls are not shown on Tasmaps nor on the theList. I am referring to them here as "Upper Preston Falls" to distinguish them from Preston Falls.

About 800 metres down Raymond Rd there is a car park and the sign invites you to view "Preston" Falls. A well constructed path and stairway lead down across Preston Creek, past the top of the falls to a viewing platform where you can see the full drop of Delaneys Falls. This is the third set of falls in Preston Creek, and is officially registered with the Nomenclature Board as Delaneys Falls. The narrow fall drops into a very steep gully.

The second set of falls is the smallest drop at 4-5m, but the broadest of the three falls. It is about mid-way between the other two falls. There is the hint of a pad up along the creek from Delaneys Falls, but it is choked with blackberry and very slippery under foot. These falls are marked on Tasmaps, but not named. They are officially registered with the Nomenclature Board as Preston Falls.

Any off track walking in this area would be entirely at your own risk. The gully banks are steep and the clay soil makes them very, very slippery and dangerous. The black moss covered rocks along the cliff edges are also very slippery.

There are some lovely, well established blackwood groves up along the creek. This little gully is less than a kilometre long (between the falls) and could be made into a delightful little walk without too much effort. A track up along the creek connecting the three falls would make a pleasant walk if ever the authorities could find some funds.

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