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Mount Ossa Track

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: 4036 Achilles
Start (Lat/Long): -41.86399, 146.05802
Distance: approx. 2.6 km.
Time required: 2.5 hours Pelion Gap to Summit return.
Degree of difficulty: moderate
Elevation Gained: 488m (1126m rising to 1614m)
Track Type: walking only
Vehicle Required: 2WD to nearest carparks


Mount Ossa is Tasmania's highest peak. The track to the summit begins at Pelion Gap on the Overland Track which connects to both Arm River Track and Penguin-Cradle Trail.

  • alt route: via Arm River Track (1) available all year, free
    • The full walk including stops was 12 hr 45 min.
    • The distance travelled was 37.8km.
    • Car park to Pelion Hut 3 hr 15 min, Pelion Hut to Pelion Gap 1 hr 15 min
    • Ossa: up 1 hr 15 min, down 1 hr 25 min,
    • Pelion Gap to Pelion Hut 1 hr 25 min.
    • Pelion Hut to Car Park 3 hr 15 min.


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1. Arm River Track to Pelion Plains and Mt Ossa
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