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Peak bagging is an activity in which walkers attempt to visit the summit of a collection of mountains, bluffs, peaks, hills etc. Peak baggers may work from a list or some other formalised structure dictated by a club or society, or may simply choose peaks to "bag" based on personal preference. Bagable Peaks in Tasmania and the points are shown on the list of Tasmanian Peaks over 1,000m and the list of Tasmanian Peaks between 300m & 1000m.

In structured peak bagging, certain peaks may be assigned points values and a participant can accumulate a peak bagging score derived from the points value of peaks which they have visited. The value of a peak usually represents the difficulty involved in ascending it. The higher the point score, the more difficult it is to reach the summit.

Peak bagging in Tasmania is not a common activity, however it has been an active pursuit by a number of people dating back to at least 1968 when an article appeared in "The Tasmanian Tramp" titled "A Peak Bagger's Guide to Tasmania", written my Tim Christie. This has since been revised and republished.

"It stems historically from perhaps the Corbetts and the Monroes in Scotland which are very famous, a list of mountains that people come from all over the world to do," he said.

"There are people who climb all the 14 8,000 metre peaks.

"There are people who bag all the highest mountains in each of the seven continents." - David Harris, who says he has climbed an official list of 466 Tasmanian peaks.[1]


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