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St. Valentines Peak Track

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: Parrawe 3842
Start (Lat/Long): (approx) S 41° 19.397' E 145° 46.625'
Distance: 9km (approx)
Time required: 4.5hrs
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Elevation Gained: 1106m
Track Type: Documented Trail
Vehicle Required: 2WD


St. Valentines Peak was named by Henry Hellyer.

Hellyer's original trek to the summit of St. Valentines started from Stanley, however the current walk starts approximately 4.5km from the summit. To get to the start of the walk turn left off the B18 highway 15km South of Ridgley into the Upper Natone Road, then after 1.7km turn right on Kara Road, then drive just over 6km to a left turn just before the gate to the Kara Mine. Then follow this thin, muddy road to the carpark at its end.

The walk is approximately 4.5 hours return, the first section is a little overgrown, but this improves quickly. There has been a new more winding track cut to prevent erosion which takes off from a right turn poorly marked with pink tape 65m after the carpark. If you miss this turn you may find yourself on a 200m bush bash when the trail peters out down to the little shelter which houses a logbook at the creek crossing where you will see the lovely made track you should have taken. The creek is easily forded although the log can be a little slippery. After leaving the forest the walk passes along a vehicle trail which crosses another called Black Pit Rd. - there is a signpost to the continuation of the walking track to the summit.

Care should be taken in these alpine areas, as parts are very exposed, and the peak may be capped with snow, also the final section of the walk requires you to negotiate a ridgeline which is extremely thin and steep either side, so again, please take care. Dog friendly walk.


Google map - on high magnification the track can be seen clearly continuing along the ridgeline to Peak Plain Rd. This would be a significantly shorter route to the summit.
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