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Tramway Track

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: Lea 4040 & Loongana 4041
Start (Lat/Long): 41° 26.574' S 145° 59.998' E
Distance: 3.6 km
Time required: 4 hrs
Degree of difficulty: moderately easy
Elevation Gained: 340m
Track Type: maintained track with sections of boardwalk
Vehicle Required: 2WD Vehicle to start of track


Tramway Track is the most popular route to Winterbrook Falls. It is marked with short timber poles with yellow (inward bound) and red (homeward bound) triangles Forestry markers supplemented by some home made signs and a lot of pink tape.

Follow the signs to the Leven Canyon from Ulverstone and continue past the turn off to the canyon (some toilets are thoughtfully located on the left at this junction), following the signpost to a final 15 kms of unsealed Road through forestry operations until the signposted carpark is reached. 150 m along the track is an information board detailing the history of the track.

The canopy is very dense and the forest quite dark. There is no GPS reception until the lookout. Beginning with a boardwalk over spagnum bog. Mostly a very gentle gradient for one hour with moderately easy climb of 20-30 minutes to the falls lookout (signposted to the right by a rough piece of timber on a shrubby tree) before a 10 minute boardwalk through button grass to the rainforest at the base of the falls.

The first third of the walk is on a broad, very well defined trail of the old logging tramway and there are several clearings with large fallen trees providing suitable seating for a meal break, possibly even bushcamp. The trail becomes narrower with many tree roots and can be very wet in places crossing or following small streams several times. After an hour a sharp right turn marked by yellow markers is reached (be careful here the track appears to head straight up but soon peters out). It now climbs more steeply to the lookout which is a snug little clearing around a large flattish rock facing west to the falls. There is no room here for more than 3-4 adults to be comfortable.

Approximately 40 km south of Ulverstone. Notable for it's historic remains of pioneer logging days and as the northern most limit of the King Billy Pine (a Tasmanian Conifer). Alternative access to Winterbrook Falls is via the Maxwell Track or by descending via the "Eye of the Needle" track from the Penguin-Cradle Trail near Paddy's Lake. The Tramway Track can easily be combined with a walk to Paddy's Lake. This would be a full days walking with a steep climb up to the lake (and steep decent to get home again). With a Car Shuffle, you could take the alternative return via Brookes Track or Maxwell Track.


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