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Havelock & Warners Falls

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Brief Facts

25K Map: 4637 Breona
Latitude: -41.74228
Longitude: 146.64455
Stream: Duncansons Rivulet
Forum: Warners & Havelock Falls


These fall are located in a gully east of Johnstones Peak and west of Ritters Crag in the Great Western Tiers. Duncansons Rivulet which rises just to the west of Adams Peak, flows down this gully to meet with Warner Creek and supply the new Lake Huntsman. Access to the plateau can be either via Staggs track or Johnstone track off Bessells Road in the Meander State Forest, or as an off track walk from Pine Lake on the Lake Highway.

Bessells Rd is a forestry track. It climbs up under the Tiers between Dunning and Sales Rivulets on the western side of Johnstones Peak. The last section of this road runs east to west at the base of the Tiers. There is a sharp elbow turn in the road before it heads west. There is a little side road to the left shortly after this bend marked by a cairn. The carpark is at the end of the side road. "After walking on about 100 - 150 metres on your right there is a ribbon on tree this is the commencment of Johnsons Track it is an easy track to follow up to the rim of the Western Tiers." (roseart)

At the end of Bessells Rd, about 2km further on, and you will find the start of Staggs Track which leads up to Sales Lake. It is possible to walk up via Johnsons' Track and came back via Staggs Track or vica versa.

The walk in from Pine Lake on the Lake Highway is an "achievable" daywalk. Start by following Warners track up over the Adams Peak saddle. "Once you pass the saddle below Adams Peak, it is open and easy walking all the way. If you make the trip an overnighter you will have time to go right down to the bottom of the chasm below Havelock Falls. There is a steep route in from the east. The gorge below the several sets of falls is equally spectacular. It is then possible to come up very close to the four or so sets of waterfalls, getting a good view of each one". (Clarence)

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