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Little Horn

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: 4038 Cradle
Start (Lat/Long): 41.7437S, 146.39049E
Distance: unknown
Time required: 15mins- 30mins one way
Degree of difficulty: Steep but easy to follow.
Elevation Gained: 1355m
Track Type: unsigned rough track
Vehicle Required: two wheel drive to Dove Lake


This peak is very prominent on the left side of Cradle when admiring the classic view from Dove Lake. It is also a short side trip from the face track, quite easy and extremely scenic.

First, start from Ronny Creek or Dove Lake. Take the Lake Wilks Track from the south end of the Dove Lake circuit or Hansons Peak track on the eastern side of Dove Lake, to meet the face track.

Head towards the base of little horn on the face track, keeping your eyes out for defined pads. The best one from experience takes a gully up the left side of the peak (when looking from the lake). In other words, on the Lake Rodway track side of Little Horn. This is very steep, slightly overgrown, but easy to follow. There is no exposed scrambling as some may expect. The views are amazing, in my opinion much better than the actual Cradle Summit.
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