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Places to Visit & Things to See

There are several categories on the Wiki that provide lists of places to visit.

Australian Places

These are places of interest to bushwalkers. These places either don't easily fit into one of the other Categories, or are listed both in the both a State Category and also in one of the Categories below. Tasmanian High Peaks and Tasmanian Not-so-high peaks will be places that match entries on their respective lists.

There is also a list of Tasmanian waterfalls, but waterfalls and huts could be listed in their respective categories as well as in a State Category.

Although Categories have not yet been created for all States, this can easily be done as the need arises by click the link below.

Links to Categories with Places to Visit

Mountains & High Peaks

There are two separate categories. High Places are Australian Peaks, Bluffs, Ridges, Crags and the like above 1000m, and Not-So-High Places, those between 300m and 1000m.

Also consider


Information about the many wonderful Waterfalls found in Australia.

Also consider

Huts & Shelters

Here's one for the Hut Baggers! A list of Huts with descriptions.

Special Pages