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Prospect mountain

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Track Briefs

25000:1 MAP: Lea 4040
Start (Lat/Long): S41 32.2484 145 52.0816
Distance: unknown
Time required: 2-3hrs
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Elevation Gained: 1034
Track Type: Snow poles only
Vehicle Required: 2WD


Short near level walk following footpad and snowpoles through low alpine scrub with fine views of Lake Lea.

This unremarkable mountain lies just off the Penguin-Cradle Trail on the Black Bluff Traverse north of Black Bluff, and is significant because the stone cairn at its equally unremarkable summit was laid by Henry Hellyer in surveying the area in 1831, a plaque has been placed to recognise the significance of this cairn. It may require a GPS to locate the cairn and the summit itself. Please use the coordinates - S 41° 31.255 E 145° 52.863

The start of the walk is just off the highest point of the Cradle Mountain link road, where the Penguin-Cradle Trail crosses the road. A gravel track leads up the hill to a lookout - follow the snow poles marking the Penguin-Cradle Trail from there for 1-1.5 hrs to your destination. The trail is a very thin pad through tough knee-high grass marked with poles every 10 or so metres, and the summit cairn lies about 30 metres off the trail near Hellyers Cairn.

Please take care walking this trail. It’s thin and almost nonexistent in some places, most of the poles will guide you well, but some have disappeared. Due to the alpine climate the weather can change in an instant, and the mountain, although modest is very exposed. Finally, due to the long buttongrass, it is assumed that during the warmer months there will be snakes in the area.


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