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Kalbarri National Park

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Shire Of NorthamptonKalbarri National Park (8)
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Map of bushwalks in Kalbarri National Park
List of bushwalks in Kalbarri National Park
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Shellhouse and Grandstand
620 m return
15 min to 30 min
Ross Graham River Walk
760 m return
15 min to 30 min
Ross Graham River Walk
760 m

15 min to 30 min

Starting from the car park at the end of Ross Graham Road, Kalbarri National Park, this walk takes you past the Ross Graham Lookout, then down to the Murchison River and back. This area provides the easiest access point in the national park to the Murchison River. A short walking trail from the car park leads to the river's edge. It includes a lookout with spectacular panoramic views. The day-use area has toilets and a picnic shelter. If you visit in late July, you will be greeted by an abundance of colour as the wildflowers are in full bloom. The park is famous for its wildflowers and has several species that can only be seen here, such as the Kalbarri spider orchid and the Kalbarri catspaw, as well as other common species. Also, you may be lucky enough to see grey kangaroos and emus. Follow the path to the lookout, then continue down the path to reach the shady banks and tranquil pools of the Murchison River. The trail to the river is quite steep, with many rock steps. The trail becomes muddy and slick at the end of the track due to seepage, so care is required. For your safety, keep to the path and lookout. Keep an eye out for the undercut cliff edges and unstable footing. December to April can be very hot. Walk in the cooler parts of the day, and carry an adequate water supply. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.



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Z Bend Lookout and River Trail
2.5 km return
1 h 30 min to 2 h 30 min

Found 8 walks