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40 | Bushwalk June 2023

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Falls Creek - dawn by moonlight Michael Firkins


Kiama Coastal Walk - Bombo RocksIandsmith

Hugh Gorge Ribuck

Water and skyTom Brennan


June 2022

WinnerSunset from the fortressOsik

After a brilliant day of climbing we were about to start the walk out and timed it perfectly to get the golden evening light.

42 | Bushwalk June 2023


June 2022

WinnerEastern SpinebillBrian Eglinton

The Eastern Spinebill is a very pretty bird which I have not often seen. This one was kind enough to let me get a photo on a walk at Morialta Gorge.

And in the morning there will be a star ... well, a planet anyway ...Iandsmith

Minimalist campfireRibuck

Austraya!Tom Brennan



June 2022

WinnerA way to go yetOsik

Doing the Freycinet circuit in an afternoon was tougher than expected, especially when you try and run as much as possible. Our legs were definitely suffering, but the wonderful evening vistas offset this.

44 | Bushwalk June 2023

Luge Gorge, NTRibuck

Late stroll through the XanthorrhoeaJohn Walker

On the way back from Mount HayOsik

Other States

June 2022

WinnerClouds over valley cloudTom Brennan

A chilly but still morning atop Glen Trig high above the Capertee Valley.



July 2022

WinnerMutawintji GorgeRob Croll

The gorge was a natural choice to visit, but there is a lot more to see than just the gorge in this splendid outback Mutawintji National Park.

Valley strollJohn Walker

Light and shadow - cliffs of MortonTom Brennan

Marking the wayNorth-north-west

46 | Bushwalk June 2023


July 2022

WinnerHouse hunting CorellasRob Croll

Lake Pinaroo, Sturt National Park, was full for the first time in a while. These two Corellas looked like they were investigating various hollows and trying to make up their mind which hollow was best for raising a family.

Late Buck MoonGayet

Down by the riverNorth-north-west

Drop bear scratchings Tom Brennan



July 2022

WinnerMathinna FallsNorth-north-west

One of those "I have to go there one day" places that I finally went to. A rough road and an even rougher climb up once the track ends, but the falls keep goiiing; this was at the top of the second level ... or was it the third?

48 | Bushwalk June 2023

Other States

July 2022

WinnerOutback night skyRob Croll

The night sky in outback Australia, with its perfectly clear view of the Milky Way, never ceases to amaze you with just how many stars there are. It's hard to believe that once upon a time, this is what it looked like everywhere.

Margaret FallsTom Brennan

Down by the pondJohn Walker