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Narrow Neck Walks, Passes, People, Places Narrow Neck is a spectacular landform, easily accessible from Katoomba, and a gateway to a great variety of Blue Mountains bushwalks.

This new book is for the lovers of the Blue Mountains, a tool to learn the early history of the region and an essential aid for planning walks in and around Narrow Neck..

Soft cover, full colour, 284 pages.

Price: $50. Free delivery Australia wide.

Chasing the Mountain Lightis written by photographer and mountaineer, David Neilson. Since his childhood David has been motivated by his twin loves of mountaineering and photography.

This book follows him along world's mountain tops on a lifelong quest to capture the mountain light and encourage the preservation of wild places.

Hardcover, black and white photos, 264 pages.

Price: $85. Free delivery Australia wide.