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Tuna cous cous salad

Tuna cous cous salad





Cous cous - ⅓ cup or 57 grams
Pistachio nuts - 1 Tbsp or 13 grams
Vegetable stock - ½ tsp or 3 grams
Lemon pepper - ⅛ tsp or 1 gram
Dried dill - ⅛ tsp or 1 gram
Mixed peel - ⅛ tsp or 1 gram
Ground chilli - few pinches
Salt, pepper - few pinches
Sun dried tomatoes (keep separate) - 2 each or 10 grams
Dried olives (keep separate) - 3 each or 7 grams
Tuna pouch (keep separate) - 1 each or 100 grams
Water - ½ cup
Almonds (vegetarian option) - 2 Tbsp or 30 grams
At home preparation

1) Chop the mixed peel as fine as you can.
2) Label the bag and place all ingredients into the allocated bag.
3) Copy or print out Method at camp and keep together with the bag.

Method at camp

1) Add the contents of Bag 1 (cous cous mix) into an air-tight container.
2) Pour over ½ cup of water, add olives and sun dried tomatoes, stir to mix through.
3) Place the lid on the container and leave for a minimum of 15 mins (make at breakfast for lunch). When ready to eat, add the sachet of tuna and mix through.
4) Serve.

For extra energy, serve with a drizzle of olive oil, or even truffle oil if you want to carry it. You can even serve this salad with salami from your rations, but note that any variation will change the nutritional value.

This recipe is from the awesome Xtreme Gourmet book. You will find many more recipes and really helpful information on nutrition for your adventures.