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Cheese, salami & salad rolls

Cheese, salami & salad rolls




Wholemeal rolls 120g
Tomato 50g
Cucumber 50g
Cheese 30g
Salami 20g
Tomato paste sachet 50g
Salt and pepper to taste

1) Cut open bread rolls.
2) Slice tomato, cucumber, cheese and salami.
3) Spread tomato paste onto bread.
4) Layer ingredients into roll.
5) Season to taste.

Instead of tomatoes and cucumber, try sugar snap peas. Instead of tomato paste, try avocado. You can pre-makes these for day one.  I also often keep it simple on day one and carry in some cheese and bacon rolls or something similar from a bakery.

Make the most of fresh rolls while they last - the rest of the trip will be biscuits!